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Affiliate FAQ

What is JoEve Marketing Affiliate Programme?

Our Affiliate Program rewards you when you recommend our services to your friends and peers. You simply need to share your affiliate link or advertise our service on your website and social channels. If some of your friends and visitors sign up for our services via your affiliate link you will earn up to 30% in commissions.

How to join JoEve Marketing Affiliate Programme?

Anyone can join our Affiliate Program. It is absolutely free to sign up and you do not need to be an existing JoEve client to participate

How & when will I get paid?

You can request a payout once you have an approved commission. Commissions are approved 45 days after they have been generated if they still abide by our Affiliate Terms of Service. All payouts are done via PayPal so you can have your funds available right after they were sent.

How much can I earn?

Earning potential is unlimited. Your earnings are directly proportional to the amount of effort you put in to drive sales. You can earn up to RM200 for each customer that completes a purchase.

Do I get paid if I buy JoEve services myself?

No, commissions are paid only for referring new customers and do no apply for a self-referral. Please note that you should also have any clients you are referring to buy JoEve products to purchase the items using their own payment option as opposed to you buying items for them.

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